2018 VASHRM Call for Presentations

Thank you for your interest in serving as a presenter at the 2018 Conference.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) is viewable below or is HERE.
The Proposal Information Sheet is HERE as a fillable PDF form.


Ready to submit a proposal?
Complete the fillable PDF form, sign, scan and send along with proposal package to vashrmspeaker@gmail.com by 3PM, Friday, 9/29/17.




Omni Homestead Resort
Hot Springs, Virginia
April 22 – 25, 2018

I. Purpose……………………………………………………2
II. Background……………………………………………..2
III. General Information…………………………………3
IV. General Instructions and Selection Process…..4
V. Specific Proposal Instructions………………………4
VI. Timelines and Terms…………………………………7

I. Purpose

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit proposals for professional Conference Speakers for the upcoming Virginia Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) State Conference, sponsored by the Virginia Society of Human Resource Management State Council. Conference Speakers must be willing to provide their services pro bono publico (without expectation of payment) for the good of the Human Resources Management profession and in support of the goals and objectives of the Conference.

II. Background

Council Profile
The Virginia SHRM State Council represents well over 10,000 human resource professionals in the State of Virginia and Washington, DC and is the state affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Founded in 1948, SHRM is the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management. The Society has more 250,000 members and is the global voice of the profession. Virginia SHRM is a 100% volunteer, non-profit entity whose primary objective is to support the mission and initiatives of SHRM through education.

We coordinate professional development efforts, and serve as the conduit for communication among SHRM, chapters and at-large members. Virginia has 19 SHRM-affiliated chapters across the state, each providing programming and networking opportunities in the local area. In addition, the state is divided into 6 geographic districts with district directors that provide support to the chapters in their region. There are 16 student chapters that connect students attending Virginia schools to SHRM.

Our volunteer Council consists of a president and officers that manage the daily operations of the Council. There are also positions that represent the key areas of focus for the HR profession. Some of these areas include certification, college relations, diversity, governmental affairs, membership, technology, and workforce readiness.

Conference Profile
The Virginia SHRM State Council expects Conference attendance of 500+ attendees, the majority of whom will include, but not be limited to, senior Human Resources (HR) professionals, supervisors, managers, and directors currently practicing in the Human Resources field from across the state of Virginia and other states as well.

Conference subjects and topics to be covered will include, but will not be limited to, the HRCI Body of Knowledge which consists of six content areas: Business Management and Strategy, Workforce Planning and Employment, Human Resource Development, Compensation and Benefits, Employee and Labor Relations, and Risk Management; as well as the 15 Functional Areas of Knowledge in the SHRM Body of Competency & Knowledge™ (SHRM BoCK™).1 All proposed presentations should meet the criteria for eligibility for recertification credit from both SHRM and HRCI.

Conference sessions may be incorporated into various learning tracks such as Entry Level HR “nuts and bolts,” “Mega” Series in HR, International HR, and / or Strategic Management.

The Conference will be held at the Omni Homestead, Hot Springs, Virginia. The atmosphere will be one of fun and learning in a business casual environment, with numerous opportunities for professional development and networking. The Conference will utilize a variety of learning formats, including concurrent breakout sessions, extended Mega sessions, and general session keynote addresses.

III. General Information

      1. Address questions about this RFP by email, no later than 3:00 p.m., Friday, September 15, 2017, to:
        VA SHRM Conference Speakers Committee
      2. All qualified persons are encouraged to submit proposals. Virginia SHRM State Council does not discriminate against individuals because of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, familial status, or national origin.
      3. Conference sessions and workshops are available as Offerors may submit proposals for any or all of the services requested, as a package or separately.
      • Concurrent breakout session, one hour (1.0 hour) in length intended audience of 100 – 200 conference attendees
      • Mega session, two hour (2.0 hours) in length intended for in-depth coverage of a topic with attendee participation intended audience of 100 – 150 conference attendees
      • General session keynote address, one hour and fifteen minutes (1 – 1.25 hours) in length intended audience of 500+ conference attendees

1 More information about the SHRM BoCK can be found by visiting http://www.shrm.org/certification/about/bodyofcompetencyknowledge/pages/default.aspx

Virginia SHRM State Council reserves the right to select proposals that, in its sole discretion, meet the planned events and theme of the Conference as well as the criteria set forth within this RFP.

      1. Written proposals are due by email no later than 3:00 p.m. on Friday, September 29, 2017. Proposals should be submitted to vashrmspeaker@gmail.com using the subject “Proposal for 2018 VA SHRM Conference Speaker.”
      2. Proposals submitted by the due date will become the property of Virginia SHRM State Council and will not be returned. Proprietary or confidential information included in proposals to this RFP must be conspicuously stated in the proposals.
      3. Proposals will not be opened publicly. However, all offerors who made proposals will be notified of the results of this solicitation.
      4. Virginia SHRM State Council reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals or waive any informality in its selection of Conference Speakers. Offerors must give notice in writing within two (2) business days after the closing date when exercising their right to withdraw their proposal. Notice shall be delivered to the Speakers Committee via email at vashrmspeaker@gmail.com.

IV. General Instructions and Selection Process

The Virginia SHRM State Conference Program Committee will evaluate the proposals received and select the professional Conference Speakers it desires to participate in the Conference. The proposals shall be Responsive and Responsible. A proposal is considered “Responsive” if it conforms exactly to the requirements in this Request for Proposals. A proposal is “Responsible” if the offeror has the capability, in all respects, to perform fully the contract requirements and the moral and business integrity and reliability which will assure good faith performance. Based on the selection criteria, the Virginia SHRM State Conference Program Committee will hold discussion/s with the best-qualified offerors and select the Conference Speakers who best meet the needs of the VIRGINIA SHRM STATE COUNCIL Conference Committee. Offers of selection of Conference Speakers shall be at the sole discretion of the Virginia SHRM State Conference Program Committee.

An offeror’s proposal shall include a written proposal stating your ability to meet each of the SELECTION CRITERIA listed below. The proposals will be evaluated considering the following items listed in rank order of importance with corresponding potential points as shown below in addition to the basic requirements outlined above.

      1. Quality, availability, and adaptability of the services and related products offered in conjunction with VIRGINIA SHRM STATE COUNCIL’s desired needs for the Virginia SHRM State Conference. The proposed topic must address topics approved by SHRM and HRCI for professional recertification.
      2. Quality of performance and services to previous and existing clients; reputation and experience of the selected offeror.
      3. Capability of the selected offeror to perform the services desired by VIRGINIA SHRM STATE COUNCIL within a specific budget (pro bono publico) and time constraints and provide supportive and related administrative services to implement such services.

V. Specific Proposal Instructions

Proposals for conference presenters should include the following information in writing in the same order as it appears below.

      1. A completed and signed proposal information sheet including your full name, title and company (as applicable), mailing address, phone number with area code, fax number, and email address. A presenter may submit multiple proposals; please submit a completed and signed proposal information sheet for each.
      2. Presentation / Session / Workshop Information.
      1. State the proposed title of your presentation, session or workshop. VIRGINIA SHRM STATE COUNCIL reserves the right to suggest changes in the proposed session/s and to edit the session title if your proposal is accepted.
      2. In eighty (80) words or less describe your proposed topic for your presentation, and specifically address the relevance of your proposed topic to HR professionals. This description will appear in promotional materials, the Virginia SHRM State Conference program and/or related literature. VIRGINIA SHRM STATE COUNCIL reserves the right to revise the description for consistency, applicability and print space limitations
      3. State the Presentation / Session / Workshop Duration.
        Indicate the recommended/preferred amount of time that should be dedicated to this subject.
      • All concurrent breakout sessions will be one hour (1.0 hour) in length
      • Mega sessions will be 2 hours in length
      • All general session keynote addresses will be one hour to one hour and fifteen minutes (1 – 1.25 hours) in length
      1. Indicate the appropriate program track for your presentation (your presentation can address multiple levels and / or knowledge areas). Please choose at least one from each section.
Program Level Entry level professionals
Mid level professionals
Senior professionals
HRCI BoK Area Business Management and Strategy
Workforce Planning and Employment
Human Resource Development
Employee and Labor Relations
Compensation and Benefits
Risk Management
SHRM BoCK Area Business Management and Strategy
Business Acumen
Ethical Practice
Relationship Management
Critical Evaluation
Global & Cultural Effectiveness
HR Functional Expertise: People
HR Functional Expertise: Organization
HR Functional Expertise: Workplace
HR Functional Expertise: Strategy

State at least three (3) Learning Objectives for the proposed Presentation/ Session/Workshop. Each objective should specifically indicate the results and outcomes you seek in terms of participants’ knowledge, skills, and behavior. For each objective, use the format: “After participating in this workshop, participants will be able to…” Please reference specific responsibilities and knowledge areas from the HRCI HR Body of Knowledge, available for reference at https://www.hrci.org/docs/default-source/web-files/phr-sphr-exam-content-outline.pdf?sfvrsn=2 and the SHRM BoCK, https://www.shrm.org/learningandcareer/competency-model/pages/default.aspx.

State the format for the proposed Presentation/Session/Workshop.

    1. Lecture (Discourse given before an audience for instruction).
    2. Panel Presentation (Group of persons who share responsibilities of discourse before an audience).
    3. Group Discussions (Presenter and audience interact and discuss various points of a given topic).
    4. Other. Please specify.
    1. Describe the handouts, if any, or other materials, if any, you will provide to support your proposed Presentation/Session/Workshop. Conference presenters are asked to allow their presentations to be made available to attendees on the Conference website and/or mobile conference app for two weeks prior to and following the Conference.
    2. Describe your AV and / or room configuration requirements. Please note: Each breakout and general session room will be set in a classroom or theater configuration and equipped with a laptop computer, projector and screen and presenters equipped with a wireless lavaliere microphone. Additional AV or room configuration needs, including internet access or computer audio projection, must be noted in your proposal and approved by the Virginia SHRM State Conference Planning Committee.
      1. Evidence of Professional Qualifications and Credentials. Include relevant education, Professional Certifications, personal and professional awards and/or commendations received personally or as a “key player” in the organization for specific project/s. Include your public speaking experience/s, listing similar presentations with particulars about when, where, size of audience, subject, etc. You may attach a resume for further elaboration.
      2. Demonstration of Presenter Ability. Provide evaluation results from a past presentation on the topic and a link or video attachment of you presenting that demonstrates your style and ability. Proposals for general session keynote speakers will not be considered without a video. Preferred videos will include content related to the proposed topic.
      3. Professional References. Provide the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of three (3) references, specifying the context in which the references know you and are familiar with your skills as a workshop presenter or speaker.
    1. If you have presented at a Virginia State Conference in the past, please provide the date and topic in addition to the three references requested above.
      1. Biographical Sketch of Speaker. In fifty (50) words or less describe your background and expertise which qualifies you as an expert in your subject presentation within the context of the Virginia SHRM State Conference and the Human Resources profession. This description will appear in promotional materials, the Virginia SHRM State Conference program and/or related Conference literature. VIRGINIA SHRM STATE COUNCIL reserves the right to revise the description for consistency, applicability and print space limitations. A professional headshot photo will be requested from selected speakers for publication purposes.
      2. Co‐Presenter(s) Information. If co-presenter(s) are being proposed for your presentation, please provide their name(s), mailing address(es), phone number(s), fax number(s), and email address(es) as well as the same information required in the Specific Proposal Instructions, Items C, E and F for each presenter.
      3. Statement of Understanding. The proposed presenter’s signature on a completed proposal information sheet acknowledges that he/she will provide professional conference speaking services pro bono publico for the good of the Human Resources Management profession and in support of the goals and objectives of the Conference. Any and all requested exceptions to this practice must be detailed in this section of your proposal and are subject to review by the VIRGINIA SHRM STATE COUNCIL and the Virginia SHRM State Conference Planning Committee.

      VI. Timelines and Terms

      The selected Conference Speaker will be subject to the following provisions:

          1. Agreement to Perform Conference Speaking Services. The dates, timelines, and terms of the Conference speaking engagement will be outlined and confirmed in writing by The Virginia SHRM State Conference Program Committee to selected offerors after proposals are selected.
          2. Pro Bono Publico. Presenters selected through this proposal process must be willing to provide their services pro bono publico (without expectation of payment) for the good of the Human Resources Management profession and in support of the goals and objectives of the Conference. Speakers whose proposals are accepted can expect:
          • a wide range of exposure to Human Resource professionals across Virginia, including listings on the conference website and program;
          • ability to participate in all Conference activities, including meals, free of charge on the day(s) of their presentation(s);
          • discounted registration to the entire conference; and
          • guaranteed availability of one (1) room for each selected speaker to stay on-site at the Omni Homestead either the night before or the night after the session(s).2  The cost of the room is the speaker’s responsibility.
          1. Indemnification and Insurance. The selected offeror will indemnify and agree to hold VIRGINIA SHRM STATE COUNCIL harmless from any liability, which may be imposed against VIRGINIA SHRM STATE COUNCIL by reason of its acts or omissions.
        • 2Speakers are not required to stay at the Omni Homestead. For those who choose to stay on-site, the cost of the room including taxes, resort fees & parking will be the responsibility of the speaker. The Conference Committee will gather specific room information from selected speakers at a later date and make hotel reservations as requested. Due to limited hotel space, we cannot extend your stay for additional nights or hold additional rooms for assistants / travel companions to accompany you.
          1. Non-solicitation. Marketing and sales to attendees may only be conducted in the Vendor Exhibition area if the Conference Speaker has also contracted to procure a booth. Conference presentations must not be used as a platform to promote products or services. If you are interested in procuring a Vendor’s Booth, please visit our website at https://virginiashrmstateconference.com. Opportunities for sponsorships are also available.
          2. Discrimination prohibited. The selected offeror will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, religion, color, sex, age, disability or national origin, unless required as a bona fide occupational qualification reasonably necessary to the normal operations of the selected offeror.

          Virginia SHRM State Council reserves the right to cancel the engagement with the speaker at any time with or without cause and with or without notice, and in the event of any such cancellation, Virginia SHRM State Council shall have no liability to the speaker as a result of the cancellation